Wishing to clearly present our offer, we list the main development tools that we use in a standard manner when creating software, depending on demands and wishes of our clients.


We have successfully realized projects with the following SCADA/HMI tools:

GE Fanuc / Intellution iFIX
National Instruments Lookout
Rockwell Software RSView

RAD tools

For making program modules, like ActiveX components, as well as for making drivers, communication routines and various other applications we have been using RAD tools upon our client's choice:

Borland Delphi
Microsoft Visual Basic


PLC software

Besides SCADA/HMI applications, we are often expected to program PLC devices. We have gained experience with the following tools so far:

Motorola MOSCAD ToolBox
Allen-Bradley RSLogix


Of course, along with the listed development tools, while programming we use a large scale of various graphic, system and other applications. In case a code is demanded to have an exceptionally quick performance, we program in C/C++.

Depending on the client's demands and the requested platform, we use script languages like VBA and VBScript. We can quickly build Web interface, and we prefer MS SQL Server for larger databases.