Industrial facilities must be of utmost reliability This specially applies to IT systems which integrate all process information and manage industrial processes, no matter if it is a relatively small, autonomous facility or a large one with distributed information system with numerous PLC devices, servers and clients.

Furthermore, user interfaces are expected to be easy-to-survey and unambiguous, and the gathered data must be analytically presented and safely saved. Therefore we put special effort in the following aspects of applications' development:

  • system reliability and stability, which we achieve by using the most quality tools and tested program solutions, automation of manual programmers' operations, algorithms optimization, insisting on clearness and simplicity of logical units and detailed testing of applications at all stages of development.

  • methodically organized internal applications' structure, that enables easy interventions and system maintenance without too extensive technical documentation, even to those not previously involved in its development

  • all application elements being final processed with special emphasis on user interface quality (for which is essential to understand the respective industrial processes and their technologies) along with data security and their openness to further upgrades and integrations.

Thanks to our high specialization and experience, we can offer an exceptionally quick development of SCADA/HMI applications, which can be of crucial importance for successful realization of projects that are for any reason overdue, and we can as well join any project as reinforcement to the client's development team.