Montelektro (Zagreb, Croatia)

Process prediction models, communication modules, data editors, set of standard control elements for future SCADA/HMI applications, validating East Asian languages display, occasional reinforcement of development teams for various projects:

  • Rosar Omsk, Russian Federation

  • Sedrin Brewing Co., Sedrin, China

  • Cuca Lunada, Angola

Some of Montelektro's customers requested not to be listed here due to confidentiality of their business operations.

Tvornica Duhana Rovinj (Kanfanar, Croatia)

Monitoring of conveyors for transport packages from 17 points of manufacturing and packing to a group of palletizers and a wrapper. We have designed a special user interface that enables all data to be seen at once, from unusually large distance.

InBev Povolzhie (Volzhsky, Russian Federation)

Comprehensive expansion and upgrade of existing SCADA/HMI applications for the brewery's cold block, covering ZHF and TFS filters, separators, beer chillers, carboblending, additive dosing, maturation sections, Aldox plants, DA water distribution, bright beer tanks and final products delivery to the bottling lines.

BBH Slavutych (Kiev, Ukraine)

SCADA/HMI application for controlling and supervising the brewhouse - a part of the brewing process from loading silos with raw materials, mashing, filtrating, additive dosing, cooking, boiling to chilling and sending to fermentation.

Jadranska Pivovara Split (Croatia)

Managing and supervising the steam boiler-room with thermal and chemical water preparation, cooling plant with ammonia and ethyl-glycol, CO2 plant and air-compressing facility.

Water and Wastewater Util. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Automation and radio networking of over 40 water facilities at a wider city area, including the Olympics Waterworks on Bjelašnica and Igman mountains, integration of the present telemetric subsystems, remote control and supervising from five control sub-centers and supervision from the master control and dispatching center.

Croatian Waters Zagreb (Croatia)

Flood protection SCADA/HMI system with ten radio networked pump stations for the area of Baranja.

Filter plant Bosna (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A complete supervising and control system of the water filter plant with eight technological lines and an automatic chemicals dosing, with monitoring of all relevant water quality parameters and a permanent data transmission to the control center.

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